How I spent 2 days in Sevilla

I took the 2-2.5 hour train from Málaga to Sevilla (in English: Seville) on Sunday, 17 June. Rather than driving myself crazy trying to run around and find museums or monuments that were open, I decided to just stroll around the city, enjoy the scenery, and eat and drink. Made for a great first day, though given how little time I had in Sevilla I came to regret that decision at the end (I missed a lot!). Trying to find a balance between wanting to see and do everything (FOMO) but also relaxing.

So back to my day of pure gluttony (and joy). I started at a charming neighborhood restaurant recommended to me by the sweetest woman in Sevilla- my Airbnb owner’s mother. She told me I absolutely could not leave Sevilla without trying two things: Toro (bull), and caracoles (snails). Toro was not an option for me but I decided, to give the caracoles a go- I’m trying to be flexible with my diet (except, hard stop on land animals and fowl) to fully explore the culture. Plus, I used to love escargot. I learned the traditional Spanish preparation couldn’t taste more different; very earthy. Glad I tried them, but not something I was tempted to eat a second time. (Realizing that being strictly vegetarian in the US is making more and more sense given my current palate).


After my meal, I headed to Bodega Santa Cruz, a bar with tons of amazing reviews online and it did not disappoint. It was standing room only, crowded with an equal mix of tourists and Spaniards alike, eating, drinking, and watching a World Cup game. It’s kind of like the scene in “Eat, Pray, Love” where Julia Roberts is in the crowded cafe and her friend just yells an order across the lines of people in front of her to the men working behind the counter. Pretty much the same, except I was able to work my way up to the bar and grab a space to stand and drink at. Had lots of fun chatting with the guys who work there, and before I knew it I had to head out to for my first “Airbnb Experience.” I went on a night walk (11pm-1am, because…Spain) around the historic district with a small group (4 of us, including the guide). It was awesome! Our guide knew so much and gave a great overview of the history of the city and mixed in truth with urban legends. And I got to see the home (former jail) where Cervantes started writing Don Quixote! For anyone visiting Sevilla, look for tours from Carolina y Jaime 🙂 Images below are from my first day in Sevilla.


During my final 1.5 days in Sevilla, I visited the Plaza de España (Game of Thrones fans, this is a filming location) and the surrounding gardens/park, went on another Airbnb excursion (paddle boarding with Paddle Surf Sevilla, which I highly recommend), and did a tour through the spectacular Real Alcázar (Royal Palace).



The Cathedral…


And finally, photos from inside the Real Alcázar Sevilla. This palace and its gardens is really spectacular and definitely worth a visit while in Sevilla!


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