Photoshoot in Sevilla

One downside to traveling solo is that it’s very hard to get good photos of yourself. Unless you’re a Kardashian or social media influencer, selfies are so-so at best. And it continues to boggle my mind how awful most people are at taking photos of you when asked. Don’t we all have smartphones now, and can’t everyone distinguish between a decent photo (not talking super high expectations) and when you’ve completely failed to get the monument behind me in the photo or you’ve given me a double chin (not easy to do because I’m thin)?! But because I know people are well intentioned and are doing a favor, it’s hard to say: nope, all of those are awful, can you please try again. Ha! That brings me to this post. One of the Airbnb Experiences available was a photo session with Inma ( for around $80, including HD photos. Plus, it was a great excuse to see the Plaza de España, which was high on my list to visit in Sevilla; two birds, one stone, done! And it was a blast! Inma is amazing and made the process so much fun, and now I have these gorgeous photos as a souvenir from Sevilla. I highly recommend this. And for anyone traveling solo or a family who want great family photos, even if you’re not in Sevilla (or Madrid, where Inma also shoots), I’ve leaned that this type of package/activity  is very common around Europe so don’t be shy. Let your inner model shine!

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5 thoughts on “Photoshoot in Sevilla

  1. You are photogenic!

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    1. Awwww, thank you!! Inma (photographer) did a GREAT job, I think she could make anyone look beautiful!


  2. YAAAAAASSS!!! To all of it. *living vicariously*

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