2 thoughts on “528C623C-6629-4CBE-BC98-ADD07907461D

  1. What do you think the black stain/discoloration is, on so many buildings? Mold, or just generic pollution/city dirt? The Taj was recently cleaned, wasn’t it?

    Thank-you, Annise, for taking the time to document your experiences and caption your photos, and for posting them, for folks like me to thoroughly enjoy. You sure know how to get the most out of everything. I looked up neer and how to make it – complicated! I think it is fascinating that different cultures utilize the same ingredients in such different ways. Rice rules!


    1. I think it’s just dirt and age- the palace has been around for hundreds of years. Thank you so much for continuing to read and follow, and especially for taking the time to comment. You’re the best!


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