Nashville (aka, a great place to test mobile posting!)

Before flying to Europe (later today!) I wanted to spend a few days in Nashville with the boyfriend. So one more road trip- this one was an easy 3.5 hours’ drive from my hometown to Nashville. Least I could do before fleeing the country for an extended period, amIright?! I lived in Nashville period of time following Hurricane Katrina, but honestly can’t remember if I’ve been back since moving away in December 2005. With only a few days here, and much of it juggling work and tons of last minute errands to prep for the trip abroad, we’ve focused on the most important things: food, food, and more food. My boyfriend sure knows the way to my heart! His meat-eating self took me on a tour of vegan places, and other spots with amazing vegetarian options, and WOW. Nom nom! Nashville, you’ve done a good job impressing me this trip. If I can do this correctly, I’ll post deets on each place in photo captions. Now I need to finish my delightful blueberry-lavender latte and then pack. Next stop: LONDON!

On the road again. This time, passing through Kentucky just after a brief downpour.


Graze! Phases of me trying to fit my half of this monster of a sandwich into my mouth.


Barista Parlor
Vino, a fire, and a rooftop deck
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